Willard Kachere shares his story - one of both taking and creating opportunities wherever he goes

August 2, 2020
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Willard Kachere is many things packaged in one.

He is serial entrepreneur that left Australia to build up his life back home, in Zimbabwe. He owns several start-ups with a global network system of partners and friends. Willard’s companies are in distribution, finance, transport, sport, entertainment and in the tech industry.

Behind every success story are obstacles to be overcome. He is a master at what he does and his story is one of both taking and creating opportunities wherever he goes. It is one that shows the power of the right mindset and the takeaways are filled with wisdom!

I was motivated by his energy and I have no doubt you will too! Willard Kachere it was a great talk, thank you for sharing your story on the Raw Stories Podcast!

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Find more of his work on https://willardkachere.com

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