Wherever life plants you, bloom with grace

Lessons from nature - witnessing a blooming flower

July 27, 2020
Personal Experiences

I went to my parents-in-law's garden and they showed me the most amazing flower, the Nachtkerzen (Evening Primrose). As the sun started setting – my mother in law invited me to witness this beautiful process.

I am learning to draw life lessons from nature, and it is beautiful!

The Nachtkerzen blooms in the evening and is closed by noon. The exact time at which the flowers open depends on the position of the sun, daytime temperature and humidity.

A blooming flower is usually odourless. Only after it has opened completely does it spread an intensely sweet scent.

This flower’s experience resonated with me in a way I can hardly explain but will try.

Night-time/Darkness is often equated to hardship. This flower’s beauty is enjoyed by the night skies. Sometimes it is only through the hard times that your potential is fully exposed.

Shining in the darkness sets this flower apart from others. Maybe the hardships we have been surrounded by makes us different and that’s a good thing.

The mother plant carries all the flowers, but they take turns blooming. Just because the person next to you is blooming now it doesn’t mean your turn won't come.

It might be dark right now but please keep on blooming. As they say, “wherever life plants you, bloom with grace”.

You can see the blooming video on my instagram account

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