There is enough light to go around!

Environment matters!

September 24, 2020
Personal Experiences

I bought two plants on the same day, same shop and they were the exact same size. The one on the left I placed in a dark corner and the one on the right in a bright one. It could be that one pot has more space for roots or that light makes all the difference. One thing that is certain is that in this case is that we cannot credit the growth difference to the plant capabilities.

Environment and conditions matter for growth, simple. Not everyone is ahead in the workplace based on merit. I have been in spaces that stunted my growth and others that helped me thrive. Women and people of colour are simply asking for equal conditions to thrive.

I have absolutely no intention of swapping my plants around and putting one in a corner I have realised is not ideal for growth. Likewise, our call for equality is not in any way a request to swap places, we are saying let us create environments that allow all of us to thrive.

Placing the slow-growing plant in a bigger pot and with exposure to sunshine will not in any way at all stunt the growth of the other and that is simply because there is enough light to go around!

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