My unboxing: I am a multi-passionate social impact driven professional

April 14, 2021
Personal Experiences

Over the last months I reached a pivotal place in my career. I had to answer the question of what do I want to be defined by? I looked at my projects and passions and realized that I would be complete without any of them. Why choose just one if I can do them all?

I have witnessed people be "jack of all trades and masters of none" and I didn’t want to have that. I have also witnessed people bored out of their wits by the work that they do because they will not dare to step out and explore something else, I didn't want that either! I decided to pave my own path, one that feels right for me! I have given myself permission to not fit into one box for the convenience of the world but to fully embrace myself.

I am a multi-passionate social impact driven professional. I am a social business innovation professional and spend my 9-5 supporting countries across Eastern Europe, Middle-East and Africa in projects related to environmental, social, governance as well as health systems strengthening and charitable contributions. Everyday I wake up and almost cannot believe how lucky I am to do this social impact work at MSD!

I am a corporate responsibility doctoral candidate due to graduate at the end of 2022. I have to admit - at my current stage, my research is getting the least of my attention and I plan on changing that soon. I am also deep into philanthropic projects having co-founded SwiZimTrust and serving as a board member at Friends for Matibi and Conscious Influence Hub.

The Raw Stories Podcast is my creative playground - it is where I explore and speak to inspiring people with diverse backgrounds.

I have learnt how to be incredibly efficient with my passion projects outside my 9-5 and I love it! I only have 24hrs in a day so what is my top tip? Prioritizing at any given moment. Which ever hat that I am wearing, I wear it fully in that moment and give that role my very best. I also know when I need to drop/pause a project. I love writing and I am halfway through writing a book but have put it on pause to focus on other projects right now. I plan to pick it back up when my doctoral research is complete.

In summary - I refuse to be put in a box. I am all things but hardly ever at the same time. I have learnt to focus on each one at any given time. I share this incase someone out there needs permission to own who they are in their fullness. So to those of us defining our own paths, I hope this motivates you too! 

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