Melanie Kalberer and her pursuit for happiness.

A story of dedication, love and following her passions.

August 10, 2020
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I have not had my mind blown on this level in a very long time. This conversation with Melanie Kalberer (Meli) on the Raw Stories Podcast completely changed how I view life!

Meli is a multi-passionate creative. She started her career in a bank in Zurich in 2007 and this job gives her the financial stability to pursue all her passions. She decided to seek more from life and pursued dancing, first as a hobby and now at a professional level. She has also studied and became a yoga teacher and has opened the Mas Energy Centre. Alongside, she is studying a degree in Applied Languages in Zurich.

Her foundation is love – it comes first for her. Love for her boyfriend, her family, friends and for her dog.

When Meli was training for her dancing exam – she needed to put in 25hrs of practice for a whole year. That makes a staggering 1’300hrs of training...for a 2hr performance/exam. Listen to what she has to say about this in the podcast 🤯

She is gentle in her delivery and fierce in pursuing that which makes her happy.

Thank you @happyme_li for joining me, this is the best way to start the week! You can find all her work and projects under

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