Look up, the rain has stopped

August 9, 2020
Personal Experiences

Last week we had some rainy days. As I was walking in the city one afternoon, I realized that some people had an umbrella open and others didn’t.

Those that had it open hadn’t realized that the rain had stopped. They were either distracted, focused on their destination, or focused on protecting themselves from the rain that they did not realized that it had stopped raining.

It got me thinking about how sometimes are so focused on where we are going that we don’t realize what is happening where we are. We are so used to the rain (pain) that we forget to put the umbrella down when it stops.

Here is what I think - sometimes the rain falls like it will never stop, it eventually does.

When you are facing troubles they seem like they never end, they eventually do.

Open your eyes and actively look out for when the rain stops and please, put down the umbrella and give your arms a rest. It may rain again later and thats ok - but realize when it stops.

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