Life is a blank canvas

July 20, 2020
Personal Experiences

For the first time in my life I experienced what it actually means to have a blank canvas before me.

As I was painting I started reflecting on the quote "Life is a canvas, it is up to you how you want to paint it".

I was very nervous about painting on this clean canvas. I also realised that a blank canvas was less interesting. The more colour that I put on it, the more interesting it became. I believe that is how it is with life. The more you allow yourself to explore, the more interesting it becomes.

Are you scared of "messing up" the canvas that is your life?
I understand this fear and also understand that any colour at all, is more interesting than a blank canvas. Getting started and making mistakes is better than not getting started at all.

Once I got over my fear of painting, I painted the weirdest tree that I have ever seen but I enjoyed the process. Later this week, I will share the picture of what the full canvas looked like at the end as well as the factors that came together to make it happen!

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