A story of how Pragati left everything behind to start afresh in Switzerland

July 30, 2020
Podcast Stories

When I think of courage – I think of women like my guest on the Raw Stories Podcast today – Pragati Siddhanti
It takes courage to move from home and leave everything you know behind. She did that. Pragati is a computer science engineer by education and has a master’s degree in Business and Information Systems. She loves technology and its role in enabling businesses. She thrives on her creativeand entrepreneurial spirit and believes very strongly in uplifting, elevating, and encouraging women! ⁠

In 2016 she left India and moved to Switzerland as a trailing spouse. The decision was hard to make as it meant leaving everything behind (family, friends, an accelerating career and a social circle) and starting over. Hers is a story of being deliberate about her adaptation and pursuing her passions. ⁠

She is the co-founder of two popular websites – Be For Beauty and My Swiss Story - a blog about being an expat in Switzerland. Thank you for sharing your story Pragati and for the great takeaway lessons too!

Anchor - https://anchor.fm/rawstories/episodes/7--A-story-of-how-Pragati-left-everything-behind-to-start-afresh-in-Switzerland-ehc4l0

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