A letter to soon to be diversity hires

June 7, 2020
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Soon enough, companies will be desperate to hire you in order to save their images. We know the real benefits of diversity but they will do it for image. Yes, the day is coming.

The non-diverse will be criticised and will hopefully lose their market position. Many all-white-male boards should be scrambling by now, they know that they need to fix it. They should know that pictures carrying orphans in Africa/Asia and Latin America will no longer be enough to "make them look good".

They will contact you and offer you positions. You will be pissed and wish they would have hired you for your high qualifications and brilliant minds. As Wies Bratby says, you get 20mins to be mad.

Afterwards, please take those positions, take them even if you think its only because of your skin color/gender.

Keep taking those positions until there is so much representation that you no longer have to wonder if you were hired to fill a quota or not. I am not saying put up with BS - see through the BS, call it out and rise above it.

Take the positions and don’t be a seat warmer, bravely challenge ideas and stand up for yourself and for others. It is only then that we will see people that look like us when we look at leaders.

#equality #diversity #inclusion #standup

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