Starting something that matters - small companies with a big impact

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is not going anywhere anytime soon and those that choose not to practice responsibility in business will suffer the consequences and lose market share! There are many great companies that have integrated corporate responsibility into the core of their business and I am proud to work for one of them!

A question that many small business owners ponder upon is how to integrate CSR if you are not yet raking in the millions. I have some good news for you in the form of three small businesses that are making an impact in one way or another. Even better news - they are run by my dear friends. Buying from them means getting a high quality product and making a social or environmental impact while at it!

Organic Cosmetics

Biodegradable and fairly produced care products, that work while helping girls and women in need. Organic Cosmetics is a project of Ministry of Creativity GmbH. They do everything they can to develop products and services with "heart". Each one centers around one main question: "What can we do to help others with our work?" They are pursuing this path through partnering with the menstrual products initiative of the SwiZim Trust. This project is aims to provide for every girl child and woman with no access to sanitary wear as well as foster menstrual health education. Talk about double edged impact - sustainable business doing good.


EkoRevolte sells a wide range of sustainably developed products ranging cosmetics, cleaning products, baby products and everything in between! They believe that it is not too late to save our planet to continue to delight our eyes with beautiful nature. They also believe that plastic pollution but everyday choice of products determines how it will continue and that together we can face the problem that so many people ignore. They carefully select the producers with whom they work with based on their values: European production, only fair trade and cruelty-free. Good are shipped and packaged in an environmentally friendly way. As a bonus, they support dog shelters in Poland as well as go on community cleaning sprees on a regular basis! How amazing!

Shea Yeah

Shea Yeah is a business focused on creating handmade natural cosmetics that nourish, repair and protect your skin. The products are made with cold pressed organic oils, unrefined organic shea butter and herbs always use sparingly as highly concentrated and without water. The Shea butter is made and collected in Ghana - in support of local women in business and then produced in the Bellevue Pharmacy in Zurich. Their goal is to procure the vegetable raw materials as gently as possible. Either from natural wild growth like our shea butter in Ghana or from waste products of agricultural products (or the food industry) like our Blauburgunder grape seed oil. They pay attention to a coherent overall cycle for the benefit of people and nature. The entire purchasing process, from raw materials and packaging to print products, is very consciously designed. What a great model of a social business!