Here is how to start thinking about your CSR sweet spot

The CSR sweet spot is that area where your expertise as a business meets with an existing gap.

Firstly, look at the pressing issues in the community where your business operates

Identify the areat that are directly linked to your business. Fill those gaps.  

For example – If you are a Social Media Strategist and you realize that the NGOs in your surroundings can barely gain traction online. You could choose to support their strategy development pro-bono. While you may not have money to donate, your skills would enable them to attract donors and reach their poverty alleviation goals

Your corporate responsibility statement might read – We believe in contributing to the community within which we are active. In our company, we do this by consulting selected NGOs in their social media strategies to enable them to reach wider audiences and get linked to donors as a result.  

The result of this might be – Your portfolio grows as a result. The NGO members will recommend your business to their circles of trust. You play a part in socially responsibility.