Corporate volunteering – A simple but effective way to show social responsibility as a company

An easy way to introduce corporate responsibility programs in your company is through corporate volunteering initiatives. Time is money, we have heard this statement before. You may be low on financial budgets to make donations, but volunteering time and skills is also helpful.  

How does this work?

  1. You create a policy that allows employees to spend an amount of the (working time volunteering to a cause of their choice. The standard these days is 40hours a year.
  1. Employees are then asked to write a brief report of their volunteer time as well as pictures.
  1. These pictures can then be used on the company websites to share how engaged the company is in the community.

This is how that statement might look.

“Giving back to our community – our company knows that the only way we can grow is by building the surrounding communities. Therefore every year, we provide our employees an allowance of 40hours paid time to dedicate to the charity of their choice.”